Crazy About Kona Coffee:
What's the Fuss All About?

You probably have more than a passing interest in Kona coffee if you're on this web site. You may already a die-hard fan savoring the rich aroma of your "cuppa Kona," and you're interested in knowing more about the mystique that surrounds this particular coffee bean.

Or you're wondering why those crazies make so much fuss over this rarest of Hawaiian food and how they could easily pay twice the world market price for an everyday commodity.

Either way you would probably agree that good information is essential for both high value purchases and fine appreciation. "" offers not only information to make worry-free purchases but get a full appreciation of the culture, history, etc., of this finest of products from Hawaii.

And now a disclaimer - this site is not produced by any grower, distributor, or retailer in the coffee business. As someone born and raised in Hawaii, I'd like to share something of my home with you but from your point of view as a consumer. No specific product, producer, or distributor is recommended without personal knowledge and experience.

Die-hard fans - explore the site and look for nuggets to increase your drinking enjoyment. All others - learn why lovers of Kona Coffee don't accept anything less than authentic Kona coffee packaged only in Hawaii. Read on and see what all the fuss is about.

Why 100% Kona Coffee Beans From Hawaii?
100% pure Kona coffee beans packaged in Hawaii - die-hard fans, coffee afficianodos, and gourmets alike insist on this. Learn why this seemingly fanatic behavior is wonderfully rational.
About Kona Coffee
Kona coffee is not just another specialty coffee or gourmet coffee. Learn about Kona coffee and what makes these coffee beans second to none.
Kona Coffee Quality and Labeling
Kona coffee: Know what you are buying! Understanding regulations Kona coffee is governed by will lead to smart purchasing.
The Kona Coffee Belt - The Ideal Coffee-Producing Region
Learn why the Kona region (aka Kona Coffee Belt) fulfills all ideal conditions for coffee-growing resulting inthe famous Kona coffee.
Kona Coffee History: Hawaii's unique story of the road to coffee greatness
The story of Kona coffee history is compelling. Lovers of gourmet coffee will appreciate the long road Kona coffee took to reach its exalted status today.
Turn your Kona coffee beans into a great cup of coffee
Now that you have your favorite pure Kona coffee beans in hand, here's some tips for making that cup of coffee more enjoyable.
Kona Coffee reading and link recommendations
For serious Kona coffee fans, Kona Coffee Reading lists resources, books, etc., that provide additional information.
People behind the Kona coffee story, pioneers, etc.
Learn about interesting people behind the compelling story of Kona coffee, one of true grit and love of lifestyle and product. The Kona coffee story very much embodies the American dream.
Contact Crazy About Kona Coffee
For those wishing to contact this site's author
Beyond Kona Coffee: The Big Island of Hawaii
Falling in love with Kona Coffee often means falling in love with the Big Island of Hawaii