My Personal
Kona Coffee Supplier

For several years now, my Kona coffee supplier has been Les Drent who owns the Coffee Times web site and LBD Coffee LLC. I order directly from Les, and I have always found him to be totally reliable and very customer-oriented.

Les roasts all coffee orders in small batches upon receiving the orders thus ensuring freshness. He roasts all coffee using the heated air method which is clean burning and consistently roasts each bean evenly.

I've also been fortunate to have met Les in person and have been impressed with his efforts at organic farming and sustainable business concepts.

It's important for one's peace of mind to have a Kona coffee supplier who you feel is trustworthy and desires to excel on quality. I can only recommend that you try ordering directly from different suppliers and evaluate your interactions and results until you are satisfied. Click here to see what Les has to offer on Kona coffee beans.

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